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Kofoed Design

Pearl necklace with a silver twig and nest , resting on a driftwood branch

Kofoed Design


Since a stone age woman hung amber nuggets around her neck, necklaces have always been the primal jewelry. They are our tokens, our amulets, our talismans. They affirm who we are, where we come from, how we feel. The necklaces and pendants I design all mean something, even if it is only my joy in color or form.

A necklace of green onyx beads with a silver gingko leaf pendant
Silver drop twig earrings with a tan striped jasper stone


Earrings are a must for me! I love the form and the movement, how they frame the face or accent the hair. It's something I always notice. Many of my earrings are French hook style, and all my hooks are either sterling silver, or yellow or rose gold filled for bronze or copper pieces. Post earrings have sterling silver posts. Surgical steel hooks are available by request.



Rings are one of my favorite things to make, and to wear. I make rings in sizes from three to thirteen. Many of my rings are designed for active people, bands or rings with stones set low Many of my designs are one of a kind, although some can be made in other sizes and with other stones.

Silver band rings with oak leaves and small round sapphires
Silver pendant, a dragon carrying an amber nugget


I have always loved dragons, and I love to create them. Every dragon pendant that I make is unique, with its own personality. I also love making custom dragons; please inquire!

Inspired by Nature

I use a lot of natural objects in my work, casting twigs and lichen and tiny seed pods and cones in silver. On my walks I always keep an eye out for interesting shapes and textures and often come home with a pocketful of potential jewelry material.

All my life I have wondered at the infinite variety and beauty of natural stones. I fall in love with every stone I buy, and I search for the perfect design to complement it.

A slab of swirled purple rough charoite stone
Long silver pendant, charoite cabochon with cast silver grapes and leaves
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